This is a 28mm model of the Spanish Civil War Constructora Field Car #3.

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This is a 28mm model of the Spanish Civil War Constructora Field Car #3. The background of the vehicle is covered in this link:

This vehicle was used as an APC, and carries 9 men, so its value in a Bolt Action game is considerable; with a 7+ armour rating, in a properly historical force mix, it provides some good opportunities.

As noted in the link, there were at least nine of these cars crafted by the Loyalists in Barcelona; note the ventilation Tubes on this model are set into the top of the hull; and don’t protrude as much as the earlier models – each car has differences, and I did this one up as best I could from both english and spanish language sources. As they were built on the fly, there are few records post-SCW recounting their manufacture.
If using them when gaming the Spanish Civil War, please don’t be limited to using it as a Loyalist AFV; both sides in the conflict captured their opponent’s AFVs and used them against their former owner.
If trying to score the vehicle for a point value, please use Richard HUMBLE’s excellent “Bolt Action Vehicle Design System”.


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