Interlocking Road System #2


This is a system to create an interlocking rural road system on a gaming table. These roads work wit both 20mm and 28mm scale models. They are 50mm wide. This may seem narrow in 28mm scale, but rural roads in Europe were narrow at the time. Should you wish to make them wider that is easily done in either a CAD program or your Slicer program
Since I started playing Bolt Action I have made a lot of terrain pieces. I have made roads from cork tile, vinyl tile, foam core and other materials. The problem was the material often warped, they relied on “butting” to the next piece, so there was often gaps and mis-alignments, and the pieces were invariably straight and thus unrealistic.
To finish, I simply did a brown primer paint, did a black ink wash, dry brushed with light brown and grey, used a home made “water effect” with PVA and gloss varnish for the pot holes (that was a personal choice, you can of course leave them as dry pot holes) and then added flock to the edges of the road with PVA tinted brown and home made flocking. lastly I spray with a rattle can of matte varnish.
Printing terrain is labourious, but these roads remain true and flat, lock together on the table, look realistic and are very durable. Lastly they store easily.
I hope you can use this system in your own gaming.
Quick note for print settings : This is terrain, so I set the print to .3mm a layer, titled “coarse setting” on Cura. This isn’t a case of trying to replicate rivets etc. so you can be fast and rough with the print.

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