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  1. redmist1122 says:

    Always enjoy your work and never had any issues printing. If so, you were very fast to correct. Again great stuff – my go-to WWII models.

  2. Lucas Perdue says:

    Studio Grozny creates excellent minis, the files print well right off the bat, and the detail is incredible.

  3. neal_ab says:

    I always find this designers figures to be of the best quality. Printing his figures is a real joy. The detail is incredible and the realism of the figures towards their intended role is high. I initially bought his models to provide gun crew for the various artillery guns that I 3D print, now I tend to buy anything he develops and enjoy making his models available as Gardenshedprinting.com

  4. neal_ab says:

    I always find this designers figures to be of the best quality. Printing his figures is a real joy. The detail is incredible and the realism of the figures towards their intended role is high. I initially bought his models to provide gun crew for the various artillery guns that I 3D print, now I tend to buy anything he develops and enjoy making his models available as Gardenshedprinting.com

  5. Jeremy Mastran says:

    I’ve printed a few of these models so far and the detail is awesome! Rich in durable detail but enough space for me to add my own bits and baubles. Keep on, keepin’ on!

  6. ag.chambers says:

    Have purchased ad printed some French, absolutely amazing crisp and precise , bases are a added extra , will be buying more…..Ade

  7. horus67_1999 says:

    A brilliant range of 28mm Napoleonic miniatures now rivaling many metal and all plastic ranges. extensive Russian(almost complete) French, Austrian ranges. With the addition of Russian or french hussars and French chasseurs Duchy of warsaw is all but complete..Bavarians almost complete…Marco brings out new sets every week. Absolutely fantastic files for printing. I got a 95+ success rate printing on my elegoos. stack em up on chiti free select all tilt them back 7%(trust me it makes the bases flat at bottom) and hit auto supports. slice save and print. a mars will print 24 to 28 at a time. a saturn twice that.

  8. scotthdriver321 says:

    I am new to 3D printing, but thus far Deweycatproductions has been, by far, the most consistently well designed and with sensible layouts for efficient printing, etc. Also, he gives away so many good files for us hardcore 28mm wargamers…Awesome Stuff! Thanks again, Scott

  9. Dirk Eichelberg says:

    Thanks for the Prussians. I was desperately waiting for them. Hopefully Landwehr and Reserves will follow soon.

  10. wbanders says:

    They guy makes great products, and has a wide selection. He even offers many creations for free, which is damn generous.

  11. John McManis says:

    Great models! I love the option for separate interiors on the open half-tracks. It would be helpful if more pieces came with pre-supported options.

    • Matthew Webb says:

      Hi John, thank you for your kind words – I think the feedback for the halftrack might be for another purchase though 🙂

  12. richardsjacob27 says:

    Propylene’s work is amazing and top notch. The sculpting and quality of the models he puts out are second to none. He is easily my “go-to” for 28mm figures.

  13. Emre Pak says:

    I am satisfied with model. Just suggesting vendor; You can put .stl files in pack. Most of us buying them for 3d print 🙂

  14. Emre Pak says:

    I am happy with model. More than this i am happy to know Henry. Gentle and helpful person. I will continue purchasing.

  15. gxmarshall says:

    I have purchased several, mostly Finnish. STL’s files done by JSM and have to say they have all been exceptional. Look forward to more.

  16. Emre Pak says:

    Henry is really professional about historical war/scenery models-miniatures. I am purchasing one by one what i need. And i am very happy with every result. Using resin printer and getting every detail without any loss.

  17. Bruce Rehm says:

    These are great models. Very sturdy, I use them in High School history classes during our Civil War unit. The students love the interaction.

  18. andersonbeames says:

    Looks amazing, should print excellently too, will flesh out the rest of my SAS army’s jeeps perfectly.

  19. scotthdriver321 says:

    Deweycat Productions is top-notch! Great Designs by a Great Person! Thank you Again! A+++++ -Scott from TableTopGaming

  20. Andras Libal says:

    Hello I love the halftrack + the crew (US Half track with crew – 28mm × 1), but I was very sad that the gunner is not available separately … he would make such a good addition to other trucks I have printed. Is there any way to get the gunner and the driver separately just like the crew? Thanks.

  21. MARK Pashley says:

    I can’t give a review because the file wouldn’t open, and my computer and printer didn’t recognise it.

    • fonkraus25 says:

      Hello Mark, I`m the creator of a model you have problems with, I`m very sorry for this incident, if you have problems with unzipping file with model parts I can send them to you directly, without an archive so you can print them, however, I checked the archive with my WinRAR, and it was fine, and like 10+ people already bought the file and I received no complaints, so it’s a bit strange. Sorry for the trouble, Vlad

    • Jonathan Cox says:

      Hi Gary,

      It looks like the files were in the process of being uploaded when the purchase was made. You should now have access to all files associated with the order. If you have any other issues, please feel free to contact us directly.

      Kind Regards,

    • hartolia-miniatures.fr says:

      Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience, it’s now solved and you can download it. Have a great day. Kind regards,

    • hartolia-miniatures.fr says:

      Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience, it’s now solved and you can download it. Have a great day. Kind regards,

  22. geicca says:

    grenadiers and elites are there, simply you don’t see them. There is only small diferences in Dutch uniforms

  23. geicca says:

    grenadiers and elites are there, simply you don’t see them. There is only small diferences in Dutch uniforms

  24. clayton King says:

    I love the Axis And Allies pieces he’s made. They are a great addition to the game and help me fill in the ranks. I hope he does a WW1 addition because everyone needs more infantry for that version

  25. Paul Summerhayes says:

    These are some of the finest printable models on the market. Night Sky Miniatures is highly recommended.

  26. neal_ab says:

    An excellent model made even better by the reworking for printing in resin as well as plastic. Designed for ease and reliability of printing I find this designers work excellent.

  27. Алексей Андронов says:

    I was looking for bits for Chinese WW2 soldiers in 1/56 for years. And this studio did brilliant things for this rare theme.

  28. mark akehurst says:

    I have now used a good few files from Eskice Miniature, and every one has been superb, love the style, love the details and love the way they come out. The first seller I search when looking for new stuff to add to my German Army.

  29. ikaar2013 says:

    Thank you, I love this model it is very detailed and reasonably priced. You made me happy. I discovered the story of the USS Stewart dd-224 captured by the Japanese (pb-102) and I wanted to have it in axis and allies war at sea game. As i’m crazy I printed it in TPU and colored with acrylic. Don’t listen to the Internet … TPU can be colored 🙂 and now no more broken antennas. tThanks again for your work.

  30. James Dombrowski says:

    Can’t find where to edit my review but please ignore previous review. Author contacted me and fixed the file. Model work is amazing.

  31. krisjohnson72 says:

    I’m very happy that I purchased this model. It printed perfectly and was just what my army needed. Thanks!

  32. Gordon Landefeld says:

    The models were wonderful, and full of life. Adding my own supports was a challenge but just for me haha. Will definitely buy more!

  33. Mathieu Tyras says:

    Awesome models, very detailed and very reactive designer ! Can’t recommend hard enough

  34. Sander Noordzij says:

    Bought the French heavy support group, needed a medium machine gun team. Although the crew members are nice, the machine gun itself is badly done. As in, it has no detail. The barrel is a plain hexagonal cylinder for example. Looks like the rough shape of the MG was designed and then it was left at that…

  35. Lyric Liu says:

    Your 2S6 Tunguska is great.But you forgot to add the independent components of the missile launcher in the model,could you add it to the download list?

    • Kallum Ward says:

      Redownload the file and you’re golden, I realized shortly after upload and fixed the file.

  36. Andy Watkins says:

    I have bought a number of the WW2 warships, Japanese and American. I originally printed them on an ender 5 pro FDM printer which did surprisingly good, and now reprinted on an Elegoo Saturn S Resin printer which are even better. I highly recomend the models and can confirm that whilst Resin is best, a good FDM printer can do a pretty good job.

  37. Per Åström says:

    Very good figures! Sturdy and simple but still with all the important details which makes then easy and fast to paint. They are sturdy and really well adapted for actual gaming. They also print amazingly well, with almost no failures for me so far. I will also soon move from 28mm to the epic sized ones too, the offered test print ended up looking great.

  38. adolfolaurenti says:

    Chris has been extremely supportive and helpful in assisting me in my first foray into 3D models. Highly recommended!

  39. Sacha Elschner says:

    The Epic Prussian reserve Infantry: very nice detail in this scale, only historical inaccurracy , the NCo had no Gaiters , they had boots like the officers. But this is minor so 5 stars:)

  40. Dimitrios Monette says:

    Bought the Napoleon and Murat set, the grenadier is entirely hollow and cannot be repaired. Models are nice but unusable for me.

  41. fatruff3 says:

    Great models and with patron 30% off great price for the models you get and the quality.

  42. Patrick Bellmann says:

    I bought both King Tiger upgrade kits but there were no files to download. I didn’t get any files for my money.

    • Jonathan Cox says:

      Hi Patrick,

      I’m sorry for the trouble here. I’ve reached out to the creator and this should be resolved. Please let us know if you have any other issues!

      Kind Regards,

  43. Frank Kreuzer says:

    I Print his work in 28mm and they really are some of the nicest Models , mostly better than buyable Resin Versions of the same vehicles. Keep your good Work Up😁

  44. thomasrobert.stock says:

    The models are fantastic, I print them in 1:2400 for my purposes and they have been an amazing help with expanding my fleet!

  45. Wiktor Chwiałkowski says:

    bought an Luchs, model is superb, comander in cupola or not option and additional stuff was great addition, highli reccomending

  46. Clifford Ells says:

    Similar issue to a previous customer. Purchased the file “Ruins of destroyed medieval house with thatched roof (9) × 1” but I’m not able to download. Thanks

    • hartolia-miniatures.fr says:

      Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience. The file has been re-uploaded : you can download it now. Have a great day. Best regards, Adrien

  47. Clifford Ells says:

    I have the file. I purchased it directly from the company and was again unable to access the download. I contacted the company and they sorted out the issue in a hour or so. Subsequently I can now access the download on the Wargaming 3D site as well. After all that, the file is very good and exactly what I was looking for, I just wish it had been an easier process.

  48. Jan Jasinski says:

    Great contact, Eugene sent me files very quickly by email after I had problem with downloading my order. Superb models, also proven to scale very good, down to 20mm/1:72 , printing in smaller scale with no errors and minimal number of supports. I recommend.

  49. jerzy.ryman says:

    Tried British Mortar with crew and British heads. Very nice so far, All supports are great, except maybe for really tight one on mortar itself – once it printed I was sure I break this, but fortunately was able to separate supports without damage. Overall waiting for more interesting figures (officers?).

    • txifis says:

      Thank you very much for your review, we do a lot of printing tests to check that the supports work well. The officers pack is a very good idea for future models, we are working to complete the armies we already have, but we are a very small studio and we cannot spend as much time as we would like to design our models.

  50. John Sulek says:

    For some reason, there was no file to download but the file was paid for. Please review and let me know.

  51. Jens Bothur says:

    Love your models. Perfect for 1:8000 WW2 wargaming. I used an Anycubi Photon Mono and the results are superb. Prices are good and the aircraft even for free (mostly). Would love some Nells and Claudes for the Japanese next 😉

  52. kevin spiller says:

    I have purchased lots of the MC sets over the last year and find the figures are absolutely superb. I tend to print more than I can ever paint but have upscaled the 15mm Epic figures to 28mm and have sets of perfectly detailed figures very easy to paint. Marco is very easy to deal with as well . All round great figures great designer.

  53. Jeremy Adenstedt says:

    love the ToonKrieg lineup cant wait to start printing my Germans. cant wait for the other units. thanx

    • zirrian says:

      Dear Pepe G, I have uploaded the files, I have made a mistake in attaching the file to the store item. Please check if you are able to download them now. Thank you very much for your purchase, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

  54. piperlssah says:

    I’ve printed so many of these figures, they are amazing, they capture the movement, flare and intensity of battle, I’m slowly replacing all of my warlord plastic figures…………Thank you so so much for your work

  55. vortigernrex says:

    Nice Spanish Cavalry models, but no horses? Going to be a mission to find horses that fit the models nicely.

  56. Andrew Ellerby says:

    Hi , Thanks for designing the model , planning to use it for my early WW2 Romanians as they still had a two in use. Printed it on my Anycubic Vyper FDM printer , good result but where the axel fits into the wheel needs improving. Thanks Andrew

    • esmichnik says:

      Thanks. Very interesting see results 🙂 model make for LCD resin printers. Newer see how it print on fdm

  57. kenneth eldridge says:

    Very happy with them the Prints are great 95% print scale good to match other well-known manufactures.

  58. Dan Cyr says:

    Very nice for their scale. Would be nice if everything had been included in one download though (smile). I’ll be back for the Dutch fleet.

  59. Denis Wade says:

    the supported files are poorly supported, angles are pretty much 80-90* straight off the bed, and they surprisingly failed to print. The unsupported models are 1.5mm scale, instead of 15mm (well at least i hope that is the scale, they are tiny and had to be scaled up, so we will see if they all match up. For what this is and what it is used for it would have been so much better and easier to just combine them all into a single file, with maybe the pintle weapons separately, at the scale i can see no use case that requires these to be multipart. a lot of fiddling around, hopefully i can get them to print, not super impressed so far

  60. christopher chaplin says:

    They are great models. The scaling is very good and matches well with most other leading brands mins, I would buy from them again.

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