Wargaming Guard Tower


This is an original file for use in any 28mm wargaming scenario that would benefit from a guard tower / watchtower.
I built this specifically for use in Scenario 3 of the Bolt Action Market Garden book, “”The Bridge at Son”. It requires the German player(s) to have a Watchtower with an MMG in it. Hence this design will fit a standard 60mm MMG team with some room to spare. Alternatively it will fit a good number of 25mm based figures as well.
I built it with a removable roof; patterned as corrugated steel sheeting. There is a ladder as well; you may want to trim it post print, dependent on how you choose to affix it to the tower.
There are recesses in the underside of the roof section; they fit into the nubs of the roof supports. The supports are glued in the corners of the observation deck, but DO NOT glue the roof on unless you wish to have to worm figures in and out of the covered deck. I added the four supports for the tower stand; These bases will allow you to have it stand on its own or use them to base on a piece of MDF.

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