Soviet BA-20 Armoured Car


This is an original model of the Red Army BA-20 Armoured Car. This AFV was built in the thousands in the pre-war period, and was used both by the Red Army as well as captured vehicles being used by the German and Finnish Armies. A history of this vehicle can be found here: This model includes separate axles (with leaf springs), a front bumper, spare tire, and a choice of weapons – the standard LMG as well as the flame thrower option offered in Bolt Action. The photos in this post are of both turrets fitted on the same hull. You thus get double duty from one model. This model is designed with tight fit, so please be sure to test fit. Always print with supports, at 0.1mm layer settings. Please consider using a raft or brim if you have trouble with the thin MG barrel in the turret pack.

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