Land Mattress Multi-barrel rocket launcher



The Land Mattress was a British and Canadian designed adaptation of an unguided anti-aircraft rocket launcher system developed in the mid war period in the United Kingdom. It was employed in the later war North West European theatre by the Canadian and British Armies.
I developed this design to fill the dearth of available multiple rocket launchers from Commonwealth Bolt Action players – the Germans have their Nebelwefer and Howling Cows, the Soviets have their Katyushas and even the Americans get the T-27 Xylophone Rocket Launcher. I wasn’t able to find a 28mm scale Land Mattress model commercially. The designs seem to have been quite variable in their construction; some have four tiers of rocket tubes; others five. I modeled this one mostly from the one located at the Canadian War Museum (photo in this post).
Please note that I STRONGLY recommend you print the barrel tubes on a raft. The support material is very difficult to clean out without damaging the tube ends if you don’t.
I used a “fine setting”. All files are loaded as a I would suggest they be printed – e.g. barrels pointed up; the carriage flipped. The wheels have “nubs” on the reverse side (facing the printer bed); they will clean out easily post print and fit the axle quite nicely.
Forgive me for being a little Type A, but’
1) please be careful removing the support material. It is difficult on small models to immediately know what is support and what you want to keep.
2) the towing tongue piece is best glued last; once you have all the other pieces assembled. that way it can contact the ground at the correct angle. Again, please refer to the photos of the actual weapon in service and place it accordingly. I made the towing tongue “friction fit” into the carriage to ease placement.
3) the launcher tubes have two sets of “nubs” on the bottom piece (please see my captioned pic); these will fit into the carriage. Please refer to the photo to ensure the tubes are placed with the front forward.
I have added a screen capture from the CAD to show some of the assembly. The arrow “#1” indicates the direction the barrel selection needs to go; the bottom support nudges the back of the axles support, if that makes sense (it will when you test fit it). Please note the short end of the barrels goes to the rear (this is the end that would be flat to your printer’s build plate), the longer section points forward.
“#2” indicates the position of the tongue. I suggest assembling the carriage, wheels and rockets and then dry fit the tongue to the appropriate angle – e.g. the land mattress resting back on the spades, and them have the end of the tongue so that it rests on the ground/table. The fit may be snug, or if it is a little loose (so much depends on the print) just hold it and give a dab of CA glue and let the tongue dry at the right angle, so that the back spades and tongue piece are all touching the ground.
I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please let me know.
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