Land Mattress Multi-barrel rocket launcher *revised June 2020*


The Land Mattress was a British and Canadian designed adaptation of an unguided anti-aircraft rocket launcher system developed in the mid war period in the United Kingdom. It was employed in the later war North West European theatre by the Canadian and British Armies.
I developed this design to fill the dearth of available multiple rocket launchers from Commonwealth Bolt Action players – the Germans have their Nebelwefer and Howling Cows, the Soviets have their Katyushas and even the Americans get the T-27 Xylophone Rocket Launcher. I wasn’t able to find a 28mm scale Land Mattress model commercially. The designs seem to have been quite variable in their construction; some have four tiers of rocket tubes; others five. I modeled this one mostly from the one located at the Canadian War Museum (photo in this post).
**This file was rewritten and posted in June 2020 for both better FDM printing and adding a separate .stl for DLP/Resin printing**
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