Soviet Gaz Cargo and Anti-Aircraft Truck


This is a 28mm model of the Soviet GAZ AA truck, which was the standard transport and jack-of-all-trades (“Ivan-of-all-trades”?) for the Red Army in WW2. It was a licenced copy of the Ford AA truck, as noted in its history:
This is an original design, and the model pictured is of the actual test print pictured here in “low quality- 0.15mm” setting.. I still suggest you to print in “:fine-0.1mm” on filament printers for a good result.
The model has a separate chassis and cargo box as well as separate axles and wheels of course. The Axles are specific to front and rear and have “UP” printed on them – this means that side goes UP into the small recess. The one marked “R-UP” means it is the REAR axle. Please test fit before gluing.
I created the quad Maxim MGs AA mount, as well as a separate cargo box with a protrusion to hold the mount (which has a recess in the bottom). Be sure to use the correct cargo box with the respective print – e.g. the Maxim mount box with the maxim mount, and cargo box for the regular truck.
The Quad maxims is also a three piece print.
Please use supports when printing, and I recommend .1mm layers (“fine”) on filament printers
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