This is a 28mm scale rural barn. I designed it for use in the East Front Bolt Action scenarios, but it may be useful to other gamers for various time periods and locations.

The model was designed to fit onto an empty 2mm thin Jewel CD / DVD case, which I glued shut. I use the jewel case (again – the thin ones, you can by them in a pack of 25 or 50 at Staples and other office supply stores) because printing a 2mm thick base would take 2 hours even at a coarse setting. If you wish to use another material or print the base, please do so. I like to standardize my base sizes, as it eases my terrain storage situation.

The roof has to triangular supports. you will want to carefully glue them in place in the recesses of one roof section, then dry fit the gable ends and second roof panel. Take your time with the dry fit. The finished roof will fit snugly onto the house piece.

The barn doors can be fastened as open or closed, it is up to you. there is a lip in the door frame to hold the door if you chose to have it shut.

I primed with a grey rattle can spray primer and used craft paint to do the finishing, followed by an ink wash and dry brush. The CD base was finished with latex caulking (tinted with acrylic paint) as a base, the when dry finished with PVA glue, again tinted acrylic paint and added bit of cat litter, sand and static grass onto the wet PVA. I finished with a spray matte finish.

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