M-30-8 Multiple Launcher v.2.0 Revised August 2020


This is an updated .stl pack, replacing the original M-30-4 .stl. (updated 28 August 2020)

The new pack represents the M-30-8, which is the same launcher unit but with stacked rocket packs.

There are specific files for both FDM and resin printing an original .stl.

The M-30, which fired a 300 mm rocket containing over 60 lbs of high explosive, was the (much) bigger brother of the more commonly known BM-13 Katyusha (whose projectile was 132mm in diameter).

The M-30-4 is covered in the bolt Action “Ostfront” theatre book, and it is the only multiple launcher that I am aware of that provides you with the option to employ a spotter for an extra 10 points.

For use in Bolt Action, as a “regular” it will cost 60 points + and extra 10 for the spotter (why wouldn’t you?)

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