M-30-4 Multiple Launcher


This is an original .stl, to print a 28mm model of the Red Army’s M-30-4 rocket launcher. The M-30, which fired a 300 mm rocket containing over 60 lbs of high explosive,  was the (much) bigger brother of the more commonly known BM-13 Katyusha (whose projectile was 132mm in diameter).

The M-30-4 is covered in the bolt Action “Ostfront” theatre book, and it is the only multiple launcher that I am aware of that provides you with the option to employ a spotter for an extra 10 points.

The file consists of

1) the two part frame, which is easily aligned.

2) the four pack of rockets which has a small bar 2/3rd up; this rests on the assembled frame.

3) an optional single rocket in a a crate, for “eye bling”if you wish.

** Printing notes : print at 0.1 mm layers. Please print the rocket packs as loaded, with supports “from the build plate only” (not “everywhere”). This allows support for the support bar that was previously mentioned, but you don’t want to have to clean the support out of the rocket crates. please see the photo of the print of the unsupported rocket rack.**

For use in Bolt Action, as a “regular” it will cost 60 points + and extra 10 for the spotter (why wouldn’t you?)

Multiple launcher
(p72) Counts as a heavy mortar, but its chance of hitting never gets any better than a 6. All units with 6″ of the target and not entirely within the weapon’s minimum range can be hit.
Team (5 men)
(p73) A Team weapon shoots at full effectiveness so long as there are at least two men to serve it. If only one man remains then the weapon suffers a -1 to hit penalty, and (p42) -1 penalty to its morale. For squad-based team weapons, loader must remain within 1″ or weapon suffers the -1 to-hit penalty.HE (3″)
(p68) PEN: +3, PIN: D3 (2D6 if in building) – Infantry and artillery can go down to halve the hits taken

Indirect fire

(p66) When given Advance order, fixed weapons can rotate on the spot suffering a -1 to-hit penalty. Non-artillery Fixed can move normal 12″ when given Run order.

Heavy Rocket Launcher
Fires HE (3D6) rockets rather than the usual HE (2D6) rockets. However, to represent the fact that it is so slow to reload, when it fires it immediately suffers D3 pin markers. It must then be given a successful Rally order to reload it before it can be ordered to Fire again.

Spotters rules on page 71. Inexperienced Spotters cannot spot for inexperienced indirect fire weapon.

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