Soviet D-Class Riverine Boat


This model is a 28mm representation of the Soviet “D”-Class Riverine patrol boat, used in WW2. Its stats and history are noted here:
This is an original design, and is intended for use with the Bolt Action and other 28mm gaming systems.
The boat may appear small…but that is because it is. please look at the historical pics in the link.,
It is armoured (thinly but still armoured) with a Medium MG in the turret and a DKSH HMG on the back deck.
When printing please use supports, especially when printing the DHSK! I beefed the design up but be sure you remove supports with care.
the DHSK mounts with the base little “nub” which is glued into the wide end of the base. This will fit the hole in the boat’s deck. The DHSK’s mount will fit snugly on top of the base post. The DHSK then fiction fits into the mount, although you should glue it.
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