Italian M14/41 Tank .stl pack


The option for a player fielding an Italian “medium” tank (the term “medium” is relative as far as Italian ranking went – their medium tanks all weighed in around 14 to 16 tons is basically one of the M13 – M14 –M15 family of tanks. Italy was greatly under resourced to participate in the industrial scale of warfare that was prevalent in the Second World War. Among the M13/14/15 family, in the Bolt Action game system, the M13/40 is represented as a “slow” tank, while the M 15/42 only entered service around the time of the Italian capitulation and saw most of their service with R.S.I.- Italians who chose to continue fighting with the Germans- or the Germans themselves.

As such I choose to design the M14/41, which was the most numerous Italian produced tanks. That needs come context – the Italians produced < 800 M14/41s, while the Allies were turning out that many M4 Shermans or T-34 every month. The M 14/41 served in North Africa, Italy, and the Balkans, but was never sent to the East Front for the Italian 8th Army.

I always wrestle whether to try to include FDM suitable files with my designs. I know there are many who only print in FDM, but some designs just aren’t doable in FDM without distorting the model’s scale or creating an .stl that will frustrate the user. I did work to ensure this model is FDM friendly and was very happy with the FDM version; the FDM specific file is very similar to the resin model – it has reinforcements added to the FDM tracks and a different pintle MMG specifically for FDM printing; to maximize contact with the FDM printer’s build plate.

The .stl pack includes both the resin and FDM .stls, with the resin files including the base files plus presupported .stls (with the hull and turret hollowed). A pintle Breda MMG is included for both print formats.