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Some of you might have noticed a few products going up under the store name Wargaming3D Charity over the past week or so. You might have also noticed that these products were actually some of the work of our other incredible creators and asked yourself, “What’s this all about?” Wargaming3D Charity is the brainchild of one of our creators, Matthew Devenish, who runs his own store on the site. Back in July he reached out to us and proposed a fairly simple idea, which was to see if there were any artists interested in selling a model and having the proceeds go to charity.

It seemed like a great idea, and we were all about it. Fortunately for us, he did all of the leg work, reached out to several artists, worked with them to figure out which models would be offered, and then gave us the details. All of the products can be purchased individually, or in a pack through the bundle located here. The group he came up with was a list of extremely impressive creators featuring:

Just Some Miniatures

Just Some Miniatures specializes in troops and customizations for those troops, such as unique heads or weapons. Their contribution to the Wargaming3D Charity project was a set of Finnish officers.

Night Sky Miniatures

Night Sky Miniatures focuses on WW2 vehicles, with a focus on 1/56th scale. The creator, Matthew Devenish, also happens to be the mastermind behind the Wargaming3D Charity project. His contribution to the pack is a T26.


Mr3DPrint creates models of soldiers, equipment, and vehicles, with a majority of his models coming from the Russian or German forces. The model he donated to the Wargaming3D Charity project was a set of Soviet Infantries.

Studio Grozny

Studio Grozny is a design studio out of Northern Spain, and specializes in 28mm WWII miniatures. They offer soldiers, weapons, as well as some scenery pieces. Their contribution to the Wargaming3D Charity project is a set of IJN Paratroopers and Sniper.

Richard Humble

Richard Humble creates an eclectic variety of vehicles, ships and weapons. He does a lot of commission work for Empress Miniatures, Rubicon Miniatures, Waffenkammer and Mad Bob Minatures. For the Wargaming3D Charity project, he is generously offering a Vickers Crossley M25 Armoured car.


TigerAce1945 is a well known designer in the historical gaming space, and while he doesn’t currently have a shop on Wargaming3D, his work speaks for itself, and we’re honored to have him contribute something to the Wargaming3D Charity project. He included both an FA223 German experimental helicopter, as well as a Wasserfell rocket.

We’d like to take the opportunity to give them all some props for being willing to put something together that will benefit others. Who might these others be? In true Wargaming3D fashion, we will be taking the proceeds every quarter and choosing from a list of charities that help veterans of war and their families, or the families and communities that have been devastated by war. This was also a suggestion by Matthew, and as a veteran myself, I thought the idea was pretty marvelous.

If you have any comments, questions, or would like to participate in future Wargaming3D Charity packs, please feel free to email us at info(at)wargaming3d(dot)com.

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