28mm WW2 Italian Infantry Platoon and Support


This is a set of 21 sculpts of 28mm WW2 Italian infantry. The file contains all 21 sculpts plus a bonus Bersaglieri feather plume that can be attached to the helms if required.

The set consists of:

5 soldiers with rifle poses advancing

1 soldier with LMG and loader advancing

1 soldier with SMG

2 officer poses with rifles

1 officer pose with SMG

1 kneeling officer with binoculars

1 MMG gunner and 2 crew

1 Solothurn S18/1000 ATR gunner and 1 crew

1 soldier firing Brixia model 35 mortar and 1 crew

1 radio operator with RF1 radio set.

1 senior officer in cap

Bonus feather for Bersagiieri. These are sculpted to print separately to glue to the helmets or attach using software such as Meshmixer.

The figures are scaled to work nicely alongside Warlord plastic figures.

This all together is 22 sculpts and all the sculpts listed above included in the purchase set.

These have been tested on an Elegoo Mars and Anycubic Photon resin printer. They have not been tested on a FDM printer.

All figures are un-based. Does not include trees or terrain etc just figures.

Update: as requested, I have added a head with a tropical helm and a tropical helm on its own. This should allow you to swap heads with programs such as meshmixer or physically by cutting and gluing.

I have now also added a tropical helm and head with a rosette on the front of the helm and an Alpini hat and head with an Alpini hat.

I have now added an Adrian helmet too thanks to Propylene’s help (see below).

Created by ironchicken
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