Charity Project – World War 2 Mega Pack


This pack of files is a collaboration between 6 different top notch designers of 3d print files that has two goals in mind:

  1. You the purchaser, for an amazing price, can buy a range exclusive sculpts from some of the best designers on the web at a price that gives you unparalleled value for money. The files in this pack are valued at over $50 and you can own them today for $25, a saving of over 50%!
  2. All of the designers who have contributed files to this project have agreed to donate 100% of the profits to charity. The current charity being supported is the Halo Trust, a charity specialising in land mine removal from former conflict zones around the world.

For details of the designers contributing files and what they have contributed read through the below list.

Just Some Miniatures

Just Some Miniatures specialises in WW2 figures in 1/56 and 1/100 scale. This pack includes 2 Finnish officers in winter uniforms, perfect for Winter War or Continuation War scenarios. Figures are designed in 1/56 heroic scale and can be printed at 95% scale to match the scale of Warlord Games figures.

[email protected]

Mr 3d Print

Mr 3d Print is a prolific creator of of WW2 stl files in 1/56 scale, and while focusing most of his work on infantry, he also sculpts various vehicle and weapons pieces. The exclusive files included for this charity pack are include 4 Soviet SMG equipped soldiers as well as a Maxim MG team.

Night Sky Miniatures

Night Sky Miniatures designs WW2 vehicles with a focus on 1/56 scale, but also designs in 1/100 scale. Models are optimised to get as much detail as possible while still maintaining the durability needed for tabletop gaming. The file included is a Soviet T26 tank that was up armoured to increase it’s survivability. If you like this model you may want to check out my T26 series at my store where there are 15 more variants available.

[email protected]

Richard Humble

Richard’s store is wherehis more eclectic designs reside as they are either not commercially viable or too complicated to reproduce. The majority of his designs are commission printed Masters or CAD files now available from Empress Miniatures, Rubicon Miniatures, Die Waffenkammer and Mad Bob Miniatures. Presented here is the Vickers Crossley M25 Armoured car used by the British in India and by the IJA.

Studio Grozny

Studio Grozny are a 3D design studio from North Spain, new in the 3D design world but come with a lot of experience in wargaming, painting, modeling, designing and tabletop gaming. Their designs are models for historic wargames with miniatures of 28 mm focussed in WW2. The range is still small but growing regularly with sets of infantry miniatures and weapons and some small scenery pieces too. Files include chitubox friendly versions for those who have less printing experience and stl versions for more experimented printers.

[email protected]


TigerAce1945 is one of the more well known 3d designers in the historical gaming space, and his profile is well deserved. Not only does he create excellent models, he shares them with the community for free. For this project he has included two exclusive models, a FA 223 German experimental helicopter and a Wasserfall rocket.


This file is for personal use only and not to be used commercially or shared with other people who are not the purchaser. Commercial use involves advertising the file or prints based on the file for sale. If you would like a commercial license please reach out to the vendor at the links provided.

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