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3D Printing a 1500 Point Flames of War Army in 10 Days

I grew up in New Zealand and went to the South Auckland Miniature Wargames Club as a child when Flames of War was being playtested, but due to my collection at the time being 20mm, I ended up playing Rapid Fire. It took me about 15-20 years to actually get around to creating an army. […]

Tanks of New Zealand – The Bob Semple Tank

The Bob Semple was one of the first tanks I printed when I got a 3D printer. I was drawn to it due to it’s sheer impracticality, it’s oddness and of course, pure patriotism being a New Zealander. After all who could not fall in love with a tank made out of a bulldozer, with […]

Tanks of New Zealand: The Schofield Tank

For Bolt Action, I’ve been building a New Zealand force for each major theatre, whether it’s North Africa, Europe or in the Pacific. One theatre I’ve been toying with is a Home Guard type scenario, similar to Warlord Games “Operation Sea Lion” supplement, except it would be in New Zealand/Australia and have Japanese as the […]