Soviet BA-64 B and D Armoured Car .stl pack


The BA-64 series of armoured cars entered service with the Red Army in mid-1941, just at the start of the Great Patriotic War. Intended to replace the earlier BA-20s, the BA-64 was based on the GAZ jeep. The initial model – the BA-64 B – was later improved with a wider wheelbase. It was a small nimble AFV, intended to scout rather than to fight. The basic armament was an LMG.

This .stl pack includes the LMG armed BA-64 B as well as the BA-64 D , which was armed with 12.7mm DShK HMG.

In designing this model I ran into the collision of historical fact and Warlord book description. In the Soviet Army book the BA-64B loses the “open topped” feature of the earlier BA-64, as does the BA-64 D. I haven’t located any indications that the turrets on these models were fully closed. To cover off this contradiction and be truthful to both history and the Bolt Action rules I have modelled both the “B” and “D” turrets with tarpaulin covers over the top of the turrets; canvas covers were employed to keep the weather out, and this was the models will be historically correct.

This .stl pack does not offer the basic BA-64 open turreted model, only the BA-64B and BA-64D versions.

There are separate files package for FDM and for resin printing, including optional hollowed and pre-supported for resin.

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