Steyr ADGZ Armoured Car


This is a 28mm scale model of the Austrian Steyr ADGZ Armoured Car. It was used by the Austrian Army in the 1930s and then by the Wehrmacht after Austria was occupied by Germany. It saw service in the early war period This car is a truly unique vehicle, and the background is covered off here:
The model is a very clean print, in that it was a welded hull, which was unique for the period, and was a complex vehicle to manufacture as well as to operate. Likewise it was a beast t design on CAd.
Please print with supports, on a fine (0.1 mm) setting on filament printers.
As always, be cautious with the small bits, and check the photos before gluing the turret weapons on; you don’t want to get them on the wrong side.
In the Bolt Action rule set, this vehicle would have “recce” without a doubt; it is truly capable to going either direction without hesitation.
Please excuse the shiny black filament; it is a great filament but the photos don’t do the model justice. I added a pic with a Soviet BA-10 for sense of scale. I don’t own any Axis armies, but made this just because I think the original vehicle is such a thing of beauty.
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