Partisan Hidden Bomb Tokens


While most players of Bolt Action start with one of the “Major Powers” armies, you are selling the game short if you don’t branch out. One avenue can be by starting up a Partisan Army. While understandably having some limitations, the Partisans have special army rules and force composition which allow for some tabletop mischief. One of their special rules provides them with three “Hidden Bombs”. In any game the partisan player can place these anywhere on the table outside of their opponent’s deployment zone. Representing a booby trap or mine, the bomb is triggered whenever an enemy comes within 6” of the bomb marker. The bomb is a dud on a roll of 1, 2, or 3; it remains live but is not triggered on a 4 or 5 of, but on a 6 roll, it hits like a heavy howitzer – a 4” HE template! This serves as a good area denial weapon and plays to a strong psychological deterrent in the game.

I had previously done up an .stl for filament profiting, but recently a player our local area mentioned he was working on a partisan force, so I started over and designed a more detailed hidden bomb token for resin printing and adapted a better one for FDM as well. While perhaps a bit Wiley Coyote cartoonish, these markers leave no doubt as to what they represent; much better than using a dice which may be confused as to its purpose on the game table.

These tokens are 20 mm in diameter, in keeping with the listing in the Partisan army rules.

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