interlocking sectional river system


this is a set of interlocking river terrain pieces, for use in table top gaming. I use them for Bolt Actin WW 2 gaming but they can be used in any time period or locale. The edging material can be altered to suitthe theatre of action.
I had previously tried making my own rivers with thin cork, and other materials, but they tended to warp, and relied on butting to the next piece, which was often knocked out of alignment in the game.
This system has tabs; they loosely lock each piece to the next. I created 45 degree curves, to allow gentle turns in the river (I like to avoid situations where one unit can dominate the waterway with perfect Line of Sight).
I also added a “foot ford” with rocks on the surface to enable infantry to ford across, and a “vehicle ford” where vehicles can cross (in Bolt Action is would be a move through rough ground at slow speed).
Lastly I added a piece to enable loading the stone bridge model.
I finished them in a simple method; just a spray primer from a “rattle can”, I painted the water with a aqua blue craft paint; it took three coats. I used a swirl water to resemble a gentle current, and it s light white highlight. I painted the rocks in fords in a grey paint, highlighted, and used Vallejo “Mud effects” for the vehicle ford. I then used a PVA glue tinted with brown craft paint to affix “static grass” on the river banks. I then sprayed it all in a matt varnish, and lastly applied a coat of “Pledge” acrylic polish to the water to give it a sheen.
I build for gaming, so any model railroader would be appalled at the end result, but I think it serves as a useful and durable option in table top gaming

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