This is a series of files to allow you to print a 28mm LRDG (Long Range Desert Group), a reconnaissance and raiding unit of the British Army which operated in the Western Desert in World War 2.

This unit operated independently, using great initiative and ingenuity to stroke deep in Axis territory, attacking airfields and supply depots.

One of their prime weapon systems was the Willy Jeep, which they festooned with machine guns. In the Bolt Action rule system, it allows for a forward Vickers K and a .50 HMG as well as a pintle mounted twin set of Vickers K to the rear.

I added three spare wheels, as the LRDG had to carry what they needed, and losing a tire could spell disaster in the endless desert. As well, I created the string of jerry cans for the back and a series of crated strapped to the hood. Please look at the pics of the test print to see how they are added.

The driver figure is a Company B LRDG crew figure.


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