Italian Semovente M41 .stl pack 28mm scale


Bolt action players who field Italian armies have several choices for their tank slot; many come festooned with machine guns, but they are universally light on AT/HE ability. The Italians lack any turret mounted gun larger than a light anti-tank gun. If you need anything more than a +4 pen, you need to check into the Italian Semovente line of assault guns/SPGs.

With their first armoured contact with the Commonwealth armies in the Western Desert, the Italians recognized the limitations of their “medium” M13/M14 tank line and soon had their own “Stug” moment. The original modification was done with the mounting of a 75/18 light howitzer into an armoured casement on their M13 and M14 tank chassis. Later they also mounted a heavy anti-tank gun based on their 75/46 model 34 AA gun. This model is referred to as the “75/34” but the gun is actually of 46 calibres, and the 34 refers to the gun’s model number.

Now we get to the inconsistencies in how the Bolt Action army lists handle these AFVs – in the Italian Army book the Semovente 75/18 is credited with being armed with a light howitzer and pintle MMG. The Semovente 75/34 is credited in the “Duel in the Sun” with a heavy ATG and (bizarrely) a hull mounted MMG. The recently released “Italy – Soft Underbelly” book offers both the Semovente 75/18 and 75/34 – “Stug M 41 mit 75/18 and M 42 mit 75/34”- both accredited as having a medium ATG gun, but one with 2” HE. Both have the accurate option of a pintle mounted MMG.

These AFVs served with the Italian army prior to the July 1943 capitulation, as well as post-capitulation with the German and Italian R.S.I. armies, as well as with anti-fascist partisan forces. Incredibly they continued in service with the post-war Italian army until the mid-1950s.

This .stl pack has files for both resin and FDM printing. Due to the flat nature of the Semovente’s body panels, the FDM print came out really well; it is hard to tell the two prints apart. Both .stl pack offer the short 75/18 barrel for the light howitzer and well as the 75/46 heavy ATG barrel; both which friction fit into the gun mount. Tracks mount on mounting pins to ensure proper alignment. A pintle MMG is included in both the resin and FDM packs.

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