This is a original file, modelling the German Pz Mk. 1 F. It has been optimized for FDM printing.

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This is a original file, modelling the German Pz Mk. 1 F. The F model had nothing in common with the early A and B models of the Pz 1. It weighed almost as much as a Panzer III, but had 80mm of frontal armour and twin MG34s. In Bolt Action, that gives you 12 shots and a 9+ tank. Here is a quick history of this vehicle.

On this model I added “lugs” to the hull that fit into the holes on the inside of the tracks. these will be snug, so be sure to trim before fitting. I find this helps, particularly if you are using a quick setting CA glue – get the tracks wrong and you have to live with it. here the lugs will ensure alignment.
If anyone questions why you would field a tank that only had 30 copies made, remind them a lot of Bolt Action players field Pumas (100 made), Sturmtigers (18 made), and even a Maus (1 completed).
It should be a fun AFV to cause some mayhem on the game table.


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