Spanish Civil War Trubia Naval Tank


This is an original .stl file, representing a 28mm model of the Trubia Naval Tank, which was manufactured and used in the Spanish Civil War. Please note this the the “Naval” version, not the earlier Trubia A4, which shares its name but little else. A review of this tank is in this link:
There are commercial models of this tank available, but they have what to me appears to be some design errors; e.g. they have the turret MG mounted centrally, yet in actual photos and design plans (attached) you see the MG is offset to the right, which makes sense when you consider just how small and cramped this tank was- look at the photos with men standing next to it. Its crew of three would have been quite tightly squeezed. The tracks may look odd; there is no evident room for suspension movement – that is because there was no suspension! The ride would have been brutally rough.
Nonetheless, the tank was built and used. The definition of the print will come out with painting, washes and dry brushing; there are defined vents and louvers etc. There are evident variances in photos; some without the side doors; some with angled doors and others with the rectangular doors; I went with the last.
The Spanish Civil War is a too seldom considered topic, both for its deep history and great opportunity to represent in 28mm gaming. I hope this may encourage others to explore both.
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