Peerless / Greek Vickers-Peerless Armoured Car -28mm


These files consist of .stls for two separate AFVS.

  • The British Peerless Armoured Car, which was a vehicle built on the chassis of a Peerless truck and was employed in by the British Army in WW1, some remaining in service until the lae 1930s, and by the Irish free State in the Irish Civil War, and
  • The Vickers-Peerless Armoured Car, which was an armoured car obtained by Greece in 1923. Initially employed by police, they were later taken over by the army and were used in dealing with the frequent civil unrest during the interwar period. They were essentially an armoured carrier, with MGs mounted to each side and capable of carrying 10 troops.

The Vickers Peerless was fitted with either an open mesh roof or an armoured roof; this model represented in the fully enclosed model, with a removable roof.

The Bolt Action entry for the Peerless Armoured Car for the Greek Army mistakenly provides the Greeks with the Peerless Armoured Car, not the correct Vickers-Peerless Armoured Car.

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