16 knots, 2x 20mm, 1x 20mm(2), 3x Arado AR 196 (Bombs, Torpedos, Machine guns)

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Greif was a seaplane tender ~890 tons, 72m long and 10m wide. She was used as a depot and repair ship throughout the war and was surrendered to the USA in 1945. Included is the standard floatplane for the Kriegsmarine, the Arado AR 196, which was used for reconnaissance in the early war period. The Kriegsmarine soon found the AR 196 useful for anti-submarine patrols. Mid war, the AR 196 can be armed with bombs and a single torpedo.

The plane was loved by its pilots, who found that it handled well both in the air and on the water. With the loss of the German surface fleet, the A-1s were added to coastal squadrons and continued to fly reconnaissance missions and submarine hunts into late 1944. Two notable operations were the capture of HMS Seal, and the repeated interception of RAF Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley bombers. Although it was no match for a fighter, it was considerably better than its Allied counterparts, and generally considered the best of its class. Owing to its good handling on water, the Finnish Air Force utilized Ar 196s just for transporting and supplying special forces patrols behind enemy lines, landing on small lakes in remote areas. Several fully equipped soldiers were carried in the fuselage.

The Greif includes these files: Arado AR 196.stl, German 20mm.stl, German twin 20mm.stl, Grief floatplane tender shackle.stl, Grief lifeboat.stl, Grief floatplane tender crane.stl, Grief floatplane tender.stl, Sink the Greif.pdf


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