Vosper Type II MTBs Mark I and II, for both FDM and SLA printing


The Vosper Type II Motor Torpedo Boats were a late war model of MTBs produced for the Royal Navy. Unlike the earlier Vosper MTBs, these had a “flush deck”.

The Mark I model in the package represents the first version, carrying four 18″ torpedo tubes and a twin 20mm cannon mount on the bow.

The Mark II model has two torpedo tubes and a semi-auto 6 pounder on the fore deck and a twin 20 mm cannon mount at the stern.

Two .stls are available for each model; the FDM one has some detail sacrificed in order to ensure a clean print. For the FDM files I suggest printing the boats at 0.1mm layer with supports. I printed the guns at 0.06mm (“extra fine” setting on Cura).

I wish to thank the creator of the original file, Grugnog, and his file on Thingiverse, from which I created this derivative from.


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