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Here are files for a 1/300 LST, this large landing craft was used for landing tanks, softtops, halftracks and troops enmasse.

Its large at just over 30cm so I have a full size hull and a hull split into 3 peices. The file list is as follows

LST Hull.stl Fullsize Hull

LST Hull A.stl, LST Hull B.stl and LST Hull C.stl is the Hull split into 3 peices, you dont need much infill but i’d go solwer than normal on the front hull as the first print the doors looked pretty crap

Bridge.stl Bridge

LST LCI.stl these are the landing craft for the sides of the bridge, I have seen photos of both on and off but it looked so cool so I added them, If you want to omit them it would be far easier to use some stretched sprue or plasticard for the tops of the hanger as they are just straight from where the tops end on the Bridge.stl

20mm.stl and 40mm Bofors.stl these are the weapons I found pretty regularly on them but it varies greatly both in type and quantity on the ones in action

LST Forcastle Add Gundeck.stl This is if you want to add another gun deck to the front of the bow, note that this one has a recess for the 7mm plug on the weapons but the other two on the bow peice do not, I had issues slicing the doors with the recesses in there so left them off, I glued the plug in the gun decks with my two and I think they look fine

So here it is, enjoy, I had a blast making this and it looks awesome with my other ships (probably hopefully getting sunk by my IJN or Kreigsmarine)


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