Steel Girder style Sectional Bridge System for 28mm Gaming


Bridges make great objectives in Bolt Action scenarios. I designed this file to represent a generic steel girder bridge, and did so in a sectional system that will potentially allow any length of crossing you may want. The single span measure approx 8″ plus the length of the access ramps.

The file is designed for FDM printing.

The access ramps have two options; one with a flat edge to butt against any straight edge road piece, or one with an elongated “S” that mates with the road system I created and have available for a free down load ( Please be sure to use the ramps appropriate to the road system you will be using.

The bridge friction fits into the ramp as well as an optional centre section, which can be placed in the water. It has a 2mm thick base which cna be used or left off to have the centre support level with whatever material you use to represent the water surface.

The longest piece is the bridge’s side main frame which is exactly 200 mm long. It should fit most FDM printers.

The bridge surface pieces (two per span) do not have to be glued on; its your choice. You can leave it and fit it and then remove it (to represent a blown surface of the bridge, for example)

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