French Napoleonic 1813 naval infantry pack 15mm-28mm


This pack allows you printing french naval infantry batallions. Those units (4 regiments in total) were formed in 1813 from naval artillery regular crews, those soldiers fought bravely for example at Lutzen and wore a blue greatcoat (that made them often confused with imperial guard), black belts, red “carrot” plume, red straps and anchors as unit distinctive.

This pack includes unbased shako AND bicorn heads versions so you can mix both if you want (many illustrations show them mixed) :

  • Officer Shako
  • Flag Bearer with flag shako
  • Drummer shako
  • Soldier head pose 1 shako
  • Soldier head pose 2 shako
  • Soldier head pose 3 shako
  • Officer bicorn
  • Flag Bearer with flag bicorn
  • Drummer bicorn
  • Soldier head pose 1 bicorn
  • Soldier head pose 2 bicorn
  • Soldier head pose 3 bicorn

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