Italian Breda 20 mm gun .stl pack


The Italian military utilized two light 20mm anti-aircraft auto-cannons in WW2, the Scotti Cannone-Mitragliera da 20/77 and the Breda Model 35. The Breda is generally considered the better of the two and was used by all branches of the Italian military. With the Royal Italian Army it was used as a field mount as well as mounted on armoured cars and light tanks.

It was sold to other countries, and in the Bolt Action game system it can be fielded by the Finnish, the Chinese Nationalists, as well as captured examples by Commonwealth armies in the Western Desert theatre. It was also supplied to Yugoslavia, prior to the 1941 invasion, and used by Ecuador in their 1941 conflict with Peru.

The pack includes a shell clip, to allow you to add it to a figure ( not pictured, but I used a gun crew member from one of Iron Chicken’s excellent Italian .stl sets, adding the shell clip to a standing gunner’s hands)

The Breda was used in improvised vehicle mounts as well, both by the Italians and by the Commonwealth forces in the Western Desert and gave good service to both sides.

This .stl pack is intended for resin printing only. It features the “Y” shaped gun base plus the gun, both with and without a seated gunner.

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