Dutch KNIL Vickers Utility Tractor .stl pack


The Vickers utility tractor, a mid war design, was produced under license in Belgium for both the Belgian army and the Dutch KNIL forces, and this is recognized in the Bolt Action gaming system. What is missed is that the two militaries used different models of the Vickers design. The Belgian model was shorter and had at the most, two rearward facings seats for personnel. The Dutch model was longer, with sideward facing bench seats that folded up when not in use. As can be seen in the photos, it easily fit six passengers, and was used to two either the 4.7 mm Bohler ATG (identical to the Italian 47/32 gun) or a 20mm AA gun.

Now the Belgian Army entry provides the Belgian player their version as an open topped armoured carrier with a capacity of 4 passengers and towing capacity for various guns at a cost of 48 points at regular; the Dutch army entry only offers this vehicle as a tow for a light/medium ATG or light howitzer, at 40 points (regular). Additionally, Easy Army misses this entry all together. To be accurate, the version used by the Dutch is an open topped 7+ armoured carrier with 6 passenger capacity and the ability to tow the same as the Belgian model, namely light, medium, or heavy anti-tank gun, light or medium howitzer, light or heavy anti-aircraft gun. The cost would be an additional 4 points ( 2 per additional passenger) as the Belgian, so 52 points for a regular KNIL Vickers Utility.

Not all the 80 vehicles ordered by the KNIL were delivered to the East Indies, and those captured by the Germans in 1940 were all considered as “Belgian”, regardless of their eventual planned destination, as they had been captured at their place of manufacture in Familleureux, Belgium. They were not considered any different from the Belgian examples captured, despite the design variances, and all shared the German Army designation as Artillerie Schlepper VA 601(b) and were used as light artillery/supply tractors.

To fill this void in the KNIL army list (and to offer German players yet another “schlepper” option) I did up a design of the KNIL Vickers Utility tractor. There are two models in this pack: a four-part model for FDM printing, with the folding footrests up on the hull, and an. Stl for resin printing with the footrest down. The FDM model can easily be printed in resin, but to ensure a clean print, I did not design the “footrest down” model as an FDM print.