Deweycat: Is there a 3D printer in your future?

I have been invited to write a few posts regarding 3D printing in the miniature wargaming world. While my experience is mostly within the 28mm WW2 genre (essentially Bolt Action but this is also applicable  for Chain of Command and other similar games), the same concepts carry over into other scales and time periods. I […] Interview with TigerAce1945

Today we are sitting down with Zachary Kavulich AKA TigerAce1945, one of the most prolific WWII .stl designers on thingiverse (I think he’s second only to m_bergman when it comes to sheer number of files uploaded). We took a few minutes to pick his brain about 3D printing and miniature wargaming. First, tell me a […]

Color Matching Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) Spraypaints

As you start printing more and more vehicles, you’ll look for ways to speed up your workflow, especially when it comes to painting the basics.  Generally speaking I prime all of my models with rust-oleum automotive filler primer to help hide the printing lines with FDM printing.  Next I’ve taken to using the Plastic Solider […]

Welcome to

Welcome to, your online resource for all things involving miniature wargaming and 3D printing. This site is intended to showcase all the amazing, free or cheap files available that allow you to produce your own, legal, 3D printed wargaming models. I initially got into 3D printing last year, after purchasing a copy of the […]