Crews for your 3D Printed 28mm WW2 Tanks and Vehicles

Right now, most of us who are 3D printing WW2 28mm vehicles are using FDM printers, which aren’t detailed enough to print miniatures and high detail items like crew and small accessories. With the advent of sub $1000 resin printers like those available from Anycubic, Wanhao and Creality, this is likely to change, expect to see high quality crew pop up on sites like shapeways, or even files to print on thingiverse. For now though, most of us will have to settle with either converting plastic models or using models created especially to use as crew from manufacturers such as Company B, Perry, Rubicon, Warlord Games, Victory Force, Gaddis Gaming, Stoessi’s Heroes, Die Waffenkammer and more.

Files for 3D Printers:

3D Printed Commercial Prints

LRDG and SAS Vehicles that I’ve printed recently with Company B crew models and a Stoessi’s Heroes David Stirling SAS model.

Commonwealth Crew Models:

United States Crew Models

Soviet Union Crew Models:

German Crew Models

Japanese Crew Models

Italian Crew Models

Polish Crew Models

French Crew Models

Did we miss any out? Have you found some .stls or crew models? let us know in the comments!

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