TigerAce1945 drops Hanomag Pack Ultimate on Thingiverse!

Prolific 3D Printing model designer whom we interviewed a few days ago), just dropped the “Hanomag Pack Ultimate” a great new pack of .stl files on free 3D printing file site Thingiverse. The pack includes every variant you could think of including:
  • Sd.kfz251/1 Ausf A, B,C,D
  • Sd.kfz251/2 Ausf B, C, D
  • Sd.kfz251/3 Ausf A,B,C,D
  • Sd.kfz251/7 Ausf C, D (Includes 2 models of assault bridges)
  • Sd.kfz251/8 Ausf A, B, C, D
  • Sd.kfz251/9 Ausf C, D
  • Sd.kfz251/10 Ausf A, B, C, D
  • Sd.kfz251/16 Ausf C, D
  • Sd.kfz251/17 Ausf C, D, Wehrmacht Ausf D (Flak 38 made by Bergman)
  • Sd.kfz251/18 Ausf B, C
  • Sd.kfz251/20 Ausf D
  • Sd.kfz251/21 Ausf D
  • Sd.kfz251/22 Ausf D
  • Sd.kfz251/23 Ausf D
  • Sd.kfz251 Falke Ausf D (mg and Pak)
  • Sd.kfz251 Stuka Zu Fuss Ausf B, C, D
  • Sd.kfz251 Guderians Ausf A
  • Sd.kfz251 R35 Ausf D
  • Sd.kfz251 Colliope Ausf D
  • Covered Versions Ausf A, B, C, D
Files are currently available in 1/100 (15mm) scale suitable for Flames of War, though you can easily upscale them to the scale of your favorite wargame in your 3D printers slicer using this guide. If you like it, make sure you give the designer a tip, join his World at War group, and check out the rest of his packs here.

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