Terrain Interior PACK


Terrain interior pack:

Add details to your terrain buildings with different furniture – shelves, beds, chairs, tables, tools, barrels, crates, fireplace, stove etc.

Contains the following files:

Barrels: Oil barrel open, Oil barrel closed, Water barrel open, Water barrel closed.

Furniture: Sofa and arm chair, Beds, Bunkbed, Bedside tables, Kitchen cupboard, Bookshelves for wall, Chuckoo Clock, Table and chairs, Table with flat screen TV, Stove, Fireplace, Paintings for wall.

Bar interior: Bar counter chairs, Bar counter, Bar coffee table and chairs, Cupboards, Beer anchor with taps.

Repair shop: Shelves, column drill.

Grocery shop: Shelves, Produce stand.

Pharmacy: 3 x shelves

Restaurant: 2 x shelves

Shops: Counter, desk, weapons dealer desk.

Other: Sentry gun, Data terminal, Fishing pier, Crates.