A9 Cruiser Mk.I


This is a re-mix of the A9 Cruiser from TigerAce’s Early War pack. I’ve added some track pins and guides, beefed up the rivets to print more reliably in FDM, and added sockets to allow the turret to be magnetized. The turret plug has been separated from the turret to allow them to be printed straight on the print bed; I’ve found this gives me the cleanest, straightest bottom edges.

There are turret versions for both the 2 pdr gun tan and the 3.7″ close support tank.

The hull is provided in two forms: one whole, the other split fore and aft to be printed vertically.

I’ve found it best to print the hull and turrets separately — in Cura, I give the turrets line supports with support roofs enabled, and the hull is printed with tree supports.

2019-07-03 Added built-in supports to a problem area in the split-hull STL.

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