Renault UE carrier / Wurfrahmen 40 multi-launcher .stl pack – 1/56th scale


The French interwar military development was a mixed bag; some good ideas with poor execution, and some questionable ideas carried too far. Although the events of 1940 didn’t pan out for most of these investments, they did make substantial strides taken in mechanization. One such advance was the Renault UE Chenillette armoured carrier. These were produced in the thousands, and were intended to act as a protected supply carrier. The design was exported to other nations, as well as manufactured under license in Romania, who produced them locally as the Malaxa carrier.

The early war saw the Wehrmacht secure a series of lightening fast victories, and the fall of France in 1940 left some 3,000 of Renault UE carriers in German hands. Most continued to be used as utility tractors, towing light guns, but others were adapted for more martial roles. Some were even mounted with light ATGs or machine guns, but one of the more effective efforts was as a mobile multi-launcher, the Wurfrahmen auf Infanterie-Schlepper UE(f). These carriers mounted four 28/32 cm rockets either on a rack behind the driver or off the sides of the hull.

Back in 2018, I modified a Bergman UE file for FDM printing file for a friend, but revisiting that file now caused me to start from a clean slate. In the design, I have both the multi-launcher version as well the normal “utility” version, with a tarp over the rear cargo box. This would be as appropriate tow for most European Axis players, as well as the original owners, the French.

The .stl pack is available for both resin and FDM printing. The FDM file required losing some detail in the interest of robustness, but resin printing will yield a superior result. This is a small model (the actual UE carrier was less than 3 metres long, the printed model in 1/56th is just over 50mm). Costing 92 points as an inexperienced, armour 7+, closed top multi-launcher, it is a quite good value, points wise, in Bolt Action.

Late edit : the rocket carrier has an open and closed end – as noted in the historical photo in the listing, the rocket had a brace over the front; I have rockets with this still attached as well as removed for all files – FDM, resin and resin pre-supported.

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