Polish Nkm wz.38 FK 20mm Auto Cannon .stl


Auto cannons are a potent weapon system to bring into a Bolt Action game. Some armies are awash in auto cannon choices (I am looking at you Germany) but there are options for most other armies, even for the (excuse the term) “minor powers”. Players tabling the Polish army have the availability to field the Nkm wz.38 FK light auto cannon. “Nkm wz.38 FK” is a Polish military acronym meaning “Heaviest Machine Gun Mark 1938”.

In early 1930s the Polish Army was looking for a modern anti-tank and anti-air weapon. In 1931 the Poles acquired weapon systems from Hotchkiss, Solothurn and Oerlikon, and tested models of each, but all were considered unsuitable for Polish needs. The Poles instead developed their own design, a dual-purpose AA/ anti-tank weapon, with the first order for 100 being made August 1938. Production commenced that year, with the intention to provide each infantry division with 8 guns for AA defense, and it was used to up-gun the new TKS tankette armed with this 20mm weapon. Only 55 were produce in total before the September 1939 German invasion.

When researching this weapon, I found few photos available – understandable considering the limited number produced and the condensed nature of the 1939 Polish campaign. Unlike many other captured weapon systems, I haven’t located not any records of captured examples being employed by the Wehrmacht.

I did locate a Polish language document (thank you Google Translate) on the development of this weapon, and it confirmed what was suggested in the comparison of photos of this weapon and the interwar Oerlikon 20mm cannon; the Polies modeled the tripod mount on the Oerlikon model they tested in the early 1930s. It had two folding legs and one fixed trail leg, with two detachable wheels for vehicular towing.

This .stl pack consists of the tripod field mount and two of the actual gun, one with and one without a gunner. This file is intended for resin printing only. The gunner figure was a collaboration with Neal, from Garden Shed Printing – https://www.gardenshedprinting.co.uk/ – with thanks to him for his efforts.

The file is now available at :

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