Sectional City Block Package – 28 mm scale


This file consists of a sectional package of .stls, to print a 28mm scale city block, which is generic and can serve as any early 20th century to current European settings. There are interlocking lower and upper sections, plus roof sections and business signs. There are room dividers within the buildings and the design allows easy disassembly and re assembly during games to allow placement and removal of miniatures.

When assembled, the block measures 15″ length, 7.25″ width and 4.5″ height. The largest component will fit on a standard FDM bed (no pieces exceeds 200mm in length)

The package includes signs in both French and Russian, as well as blank signs for further personalization. These signs friction fit, so they can be switched out to suit your scenario’s location.

Please note the printing instructions noted in the product description.

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