*New* Horse Drawn Gun Limber -28mm


I had previously loaded a horse drawn gun limber to this site. Horse drawn limbers were used by most armies in WW2, and are likewise available in most Bolt Action Army lists. They can pull any sized gun onto the table, albeit slowly, for a cheap point cost.

This was intended to print in FDM, but should be easily transferred to SLA printing.

My initial file was not ideal, the horses were pretty stilted and they lacks the harness gear.

I reworked the horses in Sculptris which works well for irregular shapes to reflect muscles and sinew etc. I added harnesses and reworked the general file.

There is an additional piece which will allow you to make a four horse team if you so desire. You will want to print both horse teams (“A” & “B”)

A base plate for both teams (2 horse and 4 horse) is included

(Downloads - 1440)

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