Japanese Type 88 75mm heavy AA gun


The Type 88 75 mm AA gun was the primary heavy anti aircraft gun for the Japanese Empire in WW2. The Type 88 entered service in 1928 ( referring to the year 2588 in the then in use Japanese calendar) and saw service throughout the Japanese campaigns in China and the later World War. It was also used in an anti-tank capacity, being one of the few IJA weapons capable of taking on the American M4 tanks. Over 2,000 examples of this weapon system were in service with the IJA.

In Bolt Action the weapon is offered as both a heavy AA gun as well as a heavy AT gun.

The gun was a fairly complex design, with five legs supporting a fixed pedestal which mounted the gun. Two gunners sat on a pivoting gun mount. At their feet was a box containing the fuse setter for the timed fuse AA gun shells.

There are two different trails on both prints; one – Trail A – with is a folding trail; and Trail B, which is a rigid one piece trail. Trail B is installed beside each other; as you can see in a photo of this gun in travel mode, the two rigid trails are the ones used to hook up to the tow vehicle.

This .stl pack has two sets, one each specifically for resin and for FDM printing. Please note the photos for the parts specific for each .stl pack.