Generic Bolt Action Pin Markers 28mm


In Bolt Action gaming, applying pins to an opponent’s units can be as effective as eliminating them; making them less likely to be able to pass an order check as well as significantly reducing their ability to direct fire accurately. Because of that, knowing the pin status of both your own and your opponent’s units is essential. The game’s playability requires “full disclosure” about each player’s unit status.

Because of this, I personally much prefer using a 12mm D6 to indicate the number of pins, as opposed to those fussy dial style pin counters which, at least for those with older eyes, are difficult to read under the best light conditions. If a unit accumulates more than six pins, just drop a second die beside the marker. Players know that by that point the unit will either rally or be off the table soon.

Previously I have loaded .stls for most nations represented in the game; they are all available for free download at the Wargaming 3D site. Those work well for those who run two or three nations, but once you fall down the BA rabbit hole and have multiple armies ( 9 and counting for me…), it does make it cumbersome to ensure your “game box” has the appropriate flag for the army you are playing on a given day.

I have done up two different styles of a generic pin marker using the same base and 12mm D6 format. Both utilize the universal “Red Cross” as the marker. Both have .stls for resin (which have the design on both sides and has pre-supported files) and FDM (which have the design on one side, to allow the reverse to be flat to the build plate).

The post fits into the rectangular recess on the base, it is a friction fit and does not require gluing to secure unless you wish.

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