European houses and cottages – 28mm


** I have made a correction to the chimeny for the shingled hosue roof; it will fit better now – 2020-02-20; thanks!**

This is a package of files, to allow you to print a series of houses and small cottages, with choices of stucco or stone exteriors for both, and with separate files for shingled or thatched roofs for both as well. The roofs are all removable.

the set will give you the ability to print a stone exterior and a separate stucco exterior house, as well as a smaller stone exterior and a separate stucco exterior cottage, for a total of four different buildings. Using the “mirror” feature in your slicer program will allow you to double that number. Each building comes with the option of a separate shingled roof and a thatched roof. The combinations of the above allow you to create a unique village or small town suitable for multiple time periods.

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