Dutch KNIL Alvis-Straussler Armoured Car


This .stl pack is specific to the one of the lesser-known military forces engaged in WW2, the K.N.I.L. – “Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger”, or Royal Netherlands East Indies Army. Too late, many western colonial powers recognized that their Asian holdings were threatened by the expansionist Japanese empire. The Dutch made significant efforts to try to equip the KNIL with modern weapons to face this threat. One such purchase was that of AC3 D Armoured car from the Alvis company in the UK. This AFV was designed by Nicholas Straussler, himself a Hungarian ex-pat. Nicholas Straussler’s other designs include the later Hungarian Csaba armoured car and later he is responsible for designing the floatation screen for the DD duplex drive tanks that helped the Western Allies liberate Europe.

Straussler’s work involved fairly advanced four-wheel steering but his initial designs were not successful commercially; a small number were purchased by the RAF. His later design, the AC 3D, had an advanced suspension with well angled armour, dual direction steering, and high ground clearance.

Twelve were purchased by the Netherlands and delivered to the KNIL. They saw extensive use in the fighting against the Japanese onslaught, and some of which continued in service with the IJA following their occupation of the Dutch East Indies. It is believed that a few even continued in service with the Indonesians, as there are reports of requests for replacement parts having been made to the UK in the 1950s.

In Bolt Action the AC 3D is a 7+ Armoured car, with a hull mounted forward facing MMG and a second turret mounted MMG. The Warlord researchers missed the fact the AC 3D has dual directional steering, and the KNIL players should request a correction in an upcoming FAQ.

This .stl pack contains both specific FDM printing files, which has ten (10) parts, and a resin pack, which just has two (2). The resin pack includes pre-supported and hollowed .stls.

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