Get started with Gaslands and 3D Printing

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Osprey Publishing’s Gaslands game is one of my favorite tabletop games at the moment, it’s cheap, fun and easy to get into and perfect for 3D printing, whether it be accessories, gaming tokens, terrain or digital kitbashing entire vehicles, the possibilities are endless. What is Gaslands you ask? Well according to the official site:

Shoot, ram, skid and loot your way through the ruins of civilisation with Gaslands, a tabletop wargame of car-on-car destruction in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Players control small fleets of armed vehicles in battles for resources, dominance and survival.

Getting Started with Gaslands:

To get started with Gaslands, you’ll need the rules (which are getting a hardcover release with Gaslands Refueled in September 2019) you’ll need a rulebook at a bare minimum which you can purchase off amazon, as well as the following which you can purchase, or create yourself.

Other things to consider, but aren’t “needed” are a gaming mat, which you could just make out of felt or fabric, or go for a fully printed one such as this 36″x36″ one. You’ll also want to join the Gaslands group on facebook, where you’ll find rules updates and clarifications, and lots of inspiration for modding your Gaslands cars (the creator of the game is even an active poster in the group!) – it’s also worth checking out Gaslands Conversions on Facebook, r/gaslands/ and r/gaslandsplayers/ on reddit  . Then head over to the official downloads page and download everything!

Check out this GMG overview of how to play Gaslands below:

And heres a great review of the updated version that’s forthcoming in September 2019 – Gaslands: Refuelled that takes the original book, with added features from the free Time Extended Supplements and puts it all together in a nice, edited hardcover book, i’ve already got mine pre ordered from the FLGS:

Once you have the basics, lets start thinking about what you can do to really make Gaslands fun, whether you have a resin or a FDM 3D printer.

3D printed weaponry emerging from the Photon vat

3D Printing for Gaslands

Below you’ll find a tonne of 3D printed files categorized to make it easy to find what you want, you can also check out my Thingiverse Gaslands/Car Wars collection here it’s the largest collection of Gaslands related files on Thingiverse.

Cars & Motorbikes

Obviously Gaslands is designed so that you can use Matchbox of Hot Wheels cars that you can pick up for around $1-2 each, due to this low price point, you don’t *need* to print your cars, trucks and buggies, but, with 3D printing it opens up plenty of opportunities especially when it comes to motorbikes.

Gaslands Bikers by KarnageKing printed on the Anycubic Photon

Weapons Packs & Upgrades

One of the most fun things about Gaslands is modding your toy cars.  Some people use weapons from their bits box (ork weapons are perfect), but if you are planning on making a lot of cars (and you will), then printing some of the weapons packs and upgrades available online are a great idea.  It looks like North Star Games might have a sprue available soon with the release of Refueled as well.

Templates & Tokens

Gaslands is a template based game, similar to X-Wing, and you must have all of the movement templates. These can be photocopied form the book, printed using the downloadable templates, cut from acrylic or wood if you have a laser cutter, or printed using a FDM printer. Other useful things are tokens for wrecked, flaming or destroyed vehicles.

Playing Gaslands with a mix of commercially made lasercut MDF and acrylic movement templates


If you aren’t going to purchase dice online or from your FLGS, you can use blank dice and print the faces, laser engrave them on a laser cutter, or 3D print them. Ideally you’d want to print in resin or print without a raft on a glass bed if FDM for best quality.

3D Printed Terrain for Gaslands

You don’t need a lot of terrain for Gaslands, but a bit of scatter really does make a difference.  For most scenarios though you will need some gates.  Luckily there are plenty of great 3D printed gate options available, as well as a variety of scatter terrain to use.  Make sure you print yourself gates 1-3 as well as a Start and Finish line to get started first.

A game of Gaslands down at our FLGS using 3D printed and laser cut terrain pieces

Dashboards and accessories

While you can use the dashboards that are provided in the back of the book (and on the website as a free download, simply print and laminate so you can use a dry erase marker to cross out hit points), but after playing a bit, its much more manageable to have a dashboard that allows you to use dice to track hit points, gears, activation, ammo and hazards.

Other cool stuff

Theres lots of other cool stuff you can add to your cars, from crew to other parts and accessories. There are plenty of great pre scaled parts, or you could have a go at rescaling to 1/64 to make them fit:

Gaslands Crew by KarnageKing printed on the Anycubic Photon

What about Laser Cutters?

If you’ve got a laser cutter, there are also a bunch of great items you can cut from MDF or Acrylic, including terrain and templates.  Check out our Laser Cut 1:64 Post Apocalyptic racing section for a selection of excellent Gaslands compatible files for sale and free download.

Friends of Gaslands is a “Friend of Gaslands”, meaning we support the creator each month via his Patreon page, which allows us to sell Gaslands related material on our marketplace. According to the creator of Gaslands:

If you want to produce your own accessories for Gaslands for your own personal use, then go ahead! If, however, you want to produce and sell accessories for Gaslands, then there are three rules:

  1. You must be a Friend of Gaslands.

  2. Game Accessories: Designing, producing and selling physical or digital tokens, cards, dice or other gaming accessories for Gaslands is permitted. Feel free to use my designs, or create your own, and sell them wherever and however you like. If you have an idea for something that isn’t on that list, just get in touch!

  3. Miniatures: Accessories for converting toy cars (e.g. armour plates, gun turrets, weapons, crew, etc.) and Terrain or scenic elements (e.g. wrecked vehicles, race gates) are permitted. If you want to produce Full Vehicle kits (or anything else, for that matter), then please get in touch and we can discuss things in more detail.

We strongly suggest that if you are not making stuff yourself, that you ensure whatever 3rd party products are a “Friend of Gaslands” (We are still waiting for Mike to include us on the updated list!) and contributing to the continued development of the game.

What are you waiting for?

Grab a copy of gaslands and some toy cars, and get racing! 3D printed some cool stuff for Gaslands? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Get started with Gaslands and 3D Printing

  1. Tyler says:

    Great article. Thanks! I was planning to get a resin printer, probably the anycubic photon. Do you know if the build plate is large enough to print the templates for Gaslands?

    • Wargaming3D says:

      I’m fairly confident it could do them on an angle (the only potential issue is the large one), but you are going to use a lot of resin and have support marks all over it. It will also take ages as that’s a lot of layers if it’s angled vertically. Templates are an area where fdm and laser cutters excel!

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