Italian Pavesi P4 Artillery Tractor 28mm .stl pack


Italian Pavesi P4 Artillery Tractor 28mm .stl pack

Among the ever-changing FAQ/errata rule re-writes in Bolt Action has been adding the ability for players to bring any size of artillery piece onto the table at the start of a game without requiring a tow. This may alleviate some players from considering dedicated tows. However, if you play Tank Wars, or if you want to bring your gun in later in the game, or more than 6” from the edge, or even just for the extra die and/or historical accuracy, gun tractors are still handy to have.

History makes it abundantly clear that the Italian military was not equipped to fight a modern war in 1940. The Regia Aeronautica’s primary fighter was an open cockpit biplane, the majority of their tracked AFVs were machine gun armed tankettes and their artillery was primarily war booty from the Great War.

But the exception makes the rule, and the Pavesi P4 tractor was certainly exception. With abilities that would be cutting edge today, as the P4 had exceptional ground clearance and a double articulated body. Originally designed as farm tractor, its capacity also made it far too expensive for civilian purposes, but its abilities were recognized by the military, and it entered service in small numbers in the late 1920s. It was also tested by many other militaries, but only saw wide service with the Italian army.

The P4s are seen in photos equipped with all steel wheels with large grousers (which would have been brutal on any hard surfaces), wide pneumatic tires, and dual semi-pneumatic tires – with which this model is equipped.

This .stl pack had files for both FDM and resin printing. The files are different for each, as the post-print assembly required a different approach for each. There is a driver figure for the resin stl, while the FDM model has a separate steering wheel and room to add your own driver.

The resin .stl packs include pre-supported files as well as the basis .stl files.

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