* Updated – October 2020 * 28mm Rail Track System supplementary “Y” Track Junctions


** 2020-Oct-21 I updated the file, with a left split track with a shorter length, as the Left “Y” section was approx 213mm long, and even angled, didn’t fit on some beds. The v.2 file is <190mm in length and should fit most FDM printer beds **

This is a pack of two supplementary files to allow you to print both a right and left "Y" junction to pair with my existing 28mm rail systems currently available on this site.

The files are large – each is in excess of 70 Mbs once unzipped, and I am unable to load a package with all the track pieces (likely too large when in one file)

As such I am offering this as a free supplement to the existing packs.

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