Virginie class French frigate (40 gun) 1794- 1884


Virginie-class French 40 gun frigate designed by engineer Jacques-Noël Sané.
A series of 10 ships ordered and built from 1793 to 1802

Ship built names were: Virginie, Courageuse, Harmonie, Volontaire, Cornélie, Zéphyr (never launched), Didon, Atalante, Rhin, Belle Poule and Surveillante.

Six were captured by the British becoming HMS Virginie, HMS Volontaire, HMS Didon, HMS Rhin, HMS Belle Poule and HMS Surveillante. One was captured by the Spanish becoming Cornelia and one was captured and handed over to the Turkish Navy.

Version 1 (22/11/2020) – First release includes models for both a French deck layout and a British refit layout. Each model includes both a high and low hull version. The high hull will better match other ship manufacture models and allow bases with wavy/rough sea conditions to better fit the model. The low version is better suited to a glass sea.

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