Italian L3/38 Tankette .stl pack – 28mm

Still deep into the Italian rabbit hole, I was looking into the possible mischief of running a tank platoon of L3 tankettes. Five L3s with various weaponry, including one flame thrower variant, can be had for < 500 points. The choice of armament includes

  • A single MMG
  • Twin MMGs
  • An ATR
  • A Flamethrower with a coaxial MMG
  • A Heavy Machine Gun
  • (And no, there is no autocannon variant, the Poles have that locked up in their TKS tankette)

The HMG variant confused me, as I am an AFV nerd and had never heard of an CV 33/35 tankette being armed as such.

And I was right. There wasn’t.

But I was also wrong. The Italians developed an improved model of their tankette – the L3/38. It had an improved, more modern suspension, and it mounted either twin MMGs or a 13.2mm Breda HMG. It was developed with an eye on export sales, and some were sold to Brazil prior to the outbreak of war. Ironically the Brazilian army’s “Smoking Cobras” division would end up fighting in Italy, but sadly they left the L3s back at home. The L3/38s also served with the RSI and German forces fighting in Italy.

This .stl pack is a further adaptation of the Bergman L 3 file I already have on the site. I did design the new suspension and track from scratch and did up new weapon packs. The two weapon options – an HMG or twin MMGs – fit into a sleeve in the hull. You can swap them out (they just friction fit) or print separate models. This is a small vehicle and a quick print in either format.

The pack includes files for FDM and resin printing. There are assembly nubs for proper alignment of the track when assembling. The resin files include a folder of pre-supported files and a hollowed hull.

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