DRG 2-Axle Coach ‘Donnerbüchse’


DRG 2-axle coaches were ubiquitous workhorses of the Reichsbahn, hauling passengers across central Europe for decades. After WWI, Germany began a program to rebuilt its railway system, as most of its operating equipment had been stripped away as reparations. Taking this as an opportunity to modernize, new coaches were constructed mainly of steel instead of wood. However, this new rigid construction, coupled with their less-than-ideal acoustic dampening and hard ride earned them the derisive nickname, ‘Thunderboxes.’ Still, they were a major step forward in modernizing Germany’s railroads during the 1920s-30s, and some 8,250 were built, plus an additional 1,000 luggage vans. This pack contains examples of both.

Created by Foundry Fifteen
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